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MAGICMOTORSPORT DynoRoad | Portable Car Dyno



DynRoad Portable Car Dyno is the ultimate solution for finding out your hp/tq on the go and in real-world conditions.

Connects effortlessly via an exclusive App on your Mobile Device

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DynoRoad- The Portable Car Dyno

DynoRoad is a mobile car dyno that accurately measures both power and torque in electric and traditional vehicles via an app installed directly onto your mobile device. This road dyno is so small and compact you can always have it with you and it can be installed on your car in just 2 minutes!


With DynoRoad the measurements are highly accurate and repeatable with consistent repeated results under similar conditions with a margin of error less than 1%., all you have to do is enter the correct vehicle weight and tire dimensions. This mobile car dyno also has an integrate weather module that allows you to measure the ambient air temperature as well as the atmospheric pressure.

Ease of Use:

Mount the car dyno to the vehicle’s wheel, press the ON/OFF switch, connect it to your mobile device and you are ready to go! After activating your dyno with a MagicMotorsport account you will just need to enter your car details to perform accurate measurements.

Calibrate DynoRoad by maintaining 3000RPM for 5 seconds, while moving your vehicle at least 30 km/h (approximately 20 mph) in 4th gear. You can also change these settings to accommodate different vehicles by adjusting the RPM level, gear choice and elapsed time as you desire. Once calibration is successful you’re ready to roll!

Mobile Application:

DynoRoad’s software interface is simple an intuitive. The application walks you through the set-up and gives you clear instructions and options to accurately measure the horsepower and torque of your vehicle. You can also analyze and compare the results from different sessions.

  • Measures vehicle power in a real-life scenario
  • Customized Reports
  • Analyze your measurements
  • Compare the modification results


Product Features:

  • Robust Design- Light yet durable, DynoRoad is made from a solid aluminum body to preserve its sturdy characteristics and assure device longevity.
  • Long Lasting Battery- The integrated battery can take as many measurements you need with its 10 hours of battery life so you can take your time on car tests.
  • Internally Charged- DynoRoad comes with an internal USB Type-C port for charging to make this device completely portable
  • High Accuracy- Your results will be rock solid now that you can test your car in real-life scenarios- on the road – with its built in sensors and complex algorithms.


Accessory Kit:

The DynoRoad already comes complete with an accessory kit to fit any make and model for an easy install. There are no additional costs or hidden fees after purchase.



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