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RacerFlash Custom Cargo Straps

Store items quickly and conveniently in the rear hatch of your FIAT 500 with these cargo straps from RacerFlash!

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RacerFlash Removable Cargo Straps

Folding down the rear seats of the FIAT 500 more than doubles the usable cargo space, but FIAT does not offer any way to secure cargo in this area. The new Custom Made Rear Cargo Straps from RacerFlash Products allows you to securely tie down boxes, suitcases and even a temporary spare tire on top of the folded rear seats.

This keeps the trunk area free for other storage and safely keeps your cargo from shifting or sliding into the front cabin or back into the trunk area damaging your interior or other stored items!

This kit also works with a Rear Seat Delete Kit too!

The Cargo Straps are quicly and easily removed without tolls when not in use. They can be simply stored in the pocket behind the front seats.

Installation is easy and takes less than 30 minutes! Only a 16mm socket or wrench is needed to remove 4 bolts- 2 under the front of the rear seats and 2 behind the rear seats. The shor Installation Strap metal grommets are place on the bols and then the bolts are reinstalled. These short Install Straps remain in place when the the Cargo Straps are removed using the side release snap buckles. So, after the initial install, to use the Cargo Straps simply install by fastening the 4 snap buckles and you’re ready to go!

Full installation instructions with color pictures are included.

NOW AVAILABLE IN- Abarth Red, Modena Yellow, Tangerine Orange or Stealth Black


  • FIAT 500
  • FIAT 500T
  • Abarth 500

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Cargo Strap Color

Abarth Red, Modena Yellow, Tangerine Orange, Stealth Black


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