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Welcome to the New and Improved DICorse.com!

Welcome To The New DICorse Website!

Everybody here at DICorse wants to welcome all of our customers, friends and family to the new and improved www.DICorse.com

We realized the old website was difficult to navigate the shop and to find all the products you needed quickly and efficiently. DICorse is all about bringing our customer’s THE BEST products and service available so we decided it was time to give our website a complete overhaul as well to better reflect who we are as a company. 

With that being said we are constantly updating the site every day making changes and improvements for the ultimate user experience, and the best way to achieve that is by getting feedback from YOU. Whether it is something that you would like to see added to the site or areas where we could improve, all feedback and suggestions are welcomed and encouraged. 

What we have planned

This website will not only be a shop page but a website for the following:

  • Technical Information
  • Parts Reviews
  • Company Updates
  • Lates News from Stellantis (Formerly FCA)
  • New Product Drops
  • Featured Products
  • Featured Cars & MORE!

We are much more than an online parts reseller!  DICorse has knowledge and experience working on these vehicles since 1977. We host many webinars and share lots of technical information and tidbits on our other social media outlets, so we are now bringing all of that to our website so everything can now be found in one place! 

Adding all of this stuff to our webpage will make it much easier to navigate and find older topics of discussion that you may not have needed when first discussed. We all know how horrible the search function is on Facebook, and this is another reason why we wanted to expand what our website offers.

STAY TUNED! We are going to start monthly interactive Tech Talks online featuring live Q&A with the DICorse team as soon as we move in to our Bonita Springs location.

New Parts & Products

DICorse is always looking for ways to bring new products to the market. Our collection consists of the highest quality parts available. We don’t only import the products, we work directly with the manufacturer’s to make sure what we bring to the market is a direct fit for U.S. spec vehicles. 

Soon we will be bringing full upgraded 1446 and TD04/TD04HL packages to the market for the Fiat/Abarth 500 and 124 Spider. There have been many kits floating around that are incomplete and leave the consumer figuring out how to put together the rest of it correctly which can be costly when it comes to custom fabrication to complete your upgrade. DICorse works together with the top Italian Companies to not only bring you what has helped them achieve great usable power for your Fiat/Abarth but what will work reliably with YOUR vehicle.

OE Maintenance Parts

DICorse is your source for OE Replacement maintenance parts and accessories. 

We know that a lot of the maintenance parts for the Fiat/Abarth 500 are becoming increasingly harder to find. The worst part is that some of these vehicles are just reaching their service intervals now and are usually subjected to buying off-brand replacement parts since the original one’s are so hard to find. 

LOOK NO FURTHER! DICorse keeps Fiat/Abarth 500 maintenance parts IN STOCK at our facility. We work on these cars everyday ourselves so we understand how difficult it could be to find quality OE replacement parts and for the 500. Shop with us to keep your car running just like the day it came off the showroom floor without having to settle for a lesser-quality replacement part.

Much More To Come!

Like we said earlier, DICorse is always looking for ways to provide a user-friendly experience and are constantly looking for ways to improve our website and bring more products and content out to our customer’s.

Anything in particular you would like to see? Just leave a comment, we are always open to suggestions!

These cars have been our passion since 1971. We carry many hard to find quality OE replacement parts and top of the line aftermarket parts in stock!

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