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Brembo XTRA Drilled Rear Brake Rotor | FIAT 500 Abarth & 500T


Brembo Rear Rotor (Drilled)

Fits: FIAT 500 Abarth & FIAT 500 Turbo



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FIAT 500 Abarth Brembo Drilled Rear Brake Rotor

Looking to upgrade or replace the rear brake rotor on your FIAT? Upgrade to the Brembo XTRA cross drilled rear brake rotor for your FIAT 500 Abarth or 500 Turbo. Brembo rotors utilize technology that improves performance, durability, comfort, and resistance to environmental effects. The Brembo UV coated line is a perfectly balanced brake disc made by professionals.

Brembo’s XTRA line of brake rotors combine their drilled rotor design for ultimate street performance while the UV coating improves braking and keeps them looking good. The Xtra line was put together to fit different classes of vehicles, using different rotor geometry to achieve peak performance for each class.

The Benefits of Brembo XTRA Rotors:

Better Ventilation & Cooling: The drilled holes in the surface of the brakes allows for vast improvement in the ventilation of gasses that form during braking. They also allow faster heat dissipation reducing the chances of rotor damage under heavy use.

UV Coating For Long-Term Protection: Brembo’s UV coating technology reduces the effects the environment has on your brake rotors. The Brembo XTRA line has UV protection on all surfaces, even the braking surface! This leads to a cleaner aesthetic, better corrosion resistance and overall reliable performance.

Improved Grip in Wet Conditions: Heavy rain can cause water to get between the pad and the rotor having a negative effect on your brake performance. The XTRA line of rotors are designed to bit and bite hard for increased grip even during wet conditions.

Pad Maintenance: The holes added to surface of the brakes also helps with cleaning the surface of your brake pads. During braking, the top thin layer of pad is removed by the rotor producing a “scraping effect” as it passes over the holes. This eliminates any accumulated deposits formed on the brake pad that could potentially be dangerous.

  • Includes (1) Cross Drilled Brake Rotor
  • Position: REAR
  • OE Equipment Upgrade
  • Fits LEFT or RIGHT Side
  • Anti-Corrosion
  • Brembo quality

Disc Type: Solid
Surface: Drilled
Height: 40mm
Min. Thickness: 9.5mm
Nom. Thickness: 11mm
Holes: 4
Centering: 59mm

*If you are looking to do both of your rear brakes make sure to change the quantity to 2. Price is per rotor*

WHY buy any other brand when you can buy Brembo for you car?

  • FIAT 500 Abarth
  • FIAT 500 Turbo



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