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Öhlins Road & Track Coilovers | FIAT 500 Abarth


Öhlins Coilovers | 500 Abarth

Dual Flow Valve System

Fully Serviceable

Ride, camber and height adjustability

Salt corrosion test according to ISO 9227

ATTENTION: Top mounts ARE NOT included but can be purchased in our suspension section here.

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Öhlins Road & Track Coilovers | 500 Abarth

Experience the Öhlins effect for your 500 Abarth with our Road & Track range. That’s the feeling of outstanding quality, improved traction and comfort created in the name of the Pursuit of Perfection. Drive in comfort to the circuit then take it to the track, and with one turn of a knob, hit apexes and smash laptimes! Our new Road & Track Club Sport range offers even more adjustability to fine tune your shocks for trackday perfection.


Öhlins Road & Track Suspension provides users with a true racing experience without losing that daily drivability comfort. Thanks to their Dual Flow Valve technology you are quickly able to change the stiffness of the shock absorber.

Find the setting that is most comfortable for you on your daily commute and then when you arrive to the track all you have to do is turn the damper to race mode and this will change all four areas in the damper: low and high speed compression and rebound damping.


The Öhlins Road & Track coilovers for the 500 Abarth will make your car much quicker on the track with the improved bump absorption and huge increase in grip allowing you to push your car to the limit. These coilovers make the car a lot easier to balance on the edge before losing control and coming in and out of turns you will experience blistering response times.

The Dual Flow Valve suspension prevents you from losing your line when encountering a bump or curb by quickly reacting and keeping you in contact with the track and in control of your vehicle.

On the way home all you have to do is set it to road mode for a more comfortable drive that will still blow your stock suspension out of the water.

ATTENTION: Top mounts are not included, but can be purchased from the suspension section of our site or by clicking here.



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